General Atomics

General Atomics

Originally founded in 1955 as a division of General Dynamics, General Atomics and its affiliated companies (“GA”), are one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to electromagnetic systems, remotely operated surveillance aircraft and advanced electronic, wireless and laser technologies.

GA had an initial charter to explore peaceful uses of atomic energy, and our 8,000 scientists, engineers and staff have put us on the cutting edge of nuclear research. GA is developing the Energy Multiplier Module (EM2), the advanced reactor concept that lowers costs and improves safety while cutting waste and the threat of proliferation. Additionally, as a world leader in fusion energy research with the largest and most successful private nuclear fusion program, GA is developing both magnetic and inertial confinement fusion as safe, clean and virtually unlimited energy sources for the future. The company has been the primary developer of modular helium-cooled nuclear power reactor systems, and its TRIGA® research reactors have operated around the world for over 50 years.

GA also manufactures, operates, and services state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles, is engaged in uranium mining and processing, and provides many other products and services for government and industry.

For over 50 years, GA has been qualified by the Departments of Energy and Defense and the National Science Foundation as a government contractor and facilities operator and manages over three million square feet of engineering, laboratory and manufacturing installations in the San Diego area. GA also has operations in Berlin, Dresden, Adelaide, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Alamos, Oklahoma City, Tupelo and Ogden.

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