EXCEL Services Corporation

EXCEL Services Corporation

For over 30 years, EXCEL Services Corporation has had a passion for nuclear science and technology and the implementation of safe and reliable nuclear power in support of the peaceful and economic development of all the world’s people.

During its distinguished history, EXCEL has worked with every nuclear power plant and almost all the nuclear facilities in the United States, as well as many international facilities and organizations, by providing operations, engineering, safety, and regulatory services for energy and environmental projects globally.

These specialized services have assisted Owners/Operators’ nuclear facilities to streamline their processes and to enhance safety, improve performance and reduce costs. Some of these services include: License Renewal, Power Uprate, 24 Month Fuel Cycle Conversions, ITS Conversions, QA Solutions, Training, Spent Fuel Storage Licensing, New Plant Site Licensing, and Decommissioning.

EXCEL has channeled our dedication and passion back into the nuclear science and technology community and industry through significant financial and manpower support of the ANS, NEI, IAEA and many numerous other US and international organizations.

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