General Chair’s Special Session: Moving Nuclear Energy to Greater Competitiveness

Wednesday, June 12, 8:00-10:00 am 

The continued operation of nuclear power plants in the United States is being challenged by economics and other issues such as finding a solution to used fuel and where to store it. Industry experts are working hard to gain efficiencies and make nuclear competitive against all sources of energy. In addition, two companies have filed a license application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to store used fuel at a consolidated interim facility. Find out what’s happening in the industry today and what to expect over the next decade.

Moderator: Tim O’Connor (Chief Nuclear Officer, Xcel Energy)


General Chair
Tim O’Connor
Chief Nuclear Officer, Xcel Energy

Bruce Hallbert
Director of the LWRS ( Light water reactor sustainability)

Blake Lindsay

Bryan Hanson
President and Chief Nuclear Officer
Exelon Nuclear

Pierre Paul Oneid
Senior Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer
Holtec International

Jeff Isakson
CEO, Interim Storage Partners LLC