Keynote Speaker:

Preserving Principles Amid Change

The Honorable Annie Caputo
U.S. NRC Commissioner 

General Chair:
Tim O’Connor
Chief Nuclear Officer, Xcel Energy

Opening Plenary:

A Carbon-Free Energy Future

Monday, June 10, 8:00-11:15 am

As the United States moves towards the vision of a carbon-free energy future we will explore what needs to happen between now and then in order to successfully achieve. At the same time, the future of current nuclear power plants is challenged to stay in the long-term energy portfolio. With a distinguished panel featuring key leaders in the energy field, this session addresses those challenges, answering questions such as: What will it take to reach a carbon-free energy future? What is the role of existing and new nuclear power?  What research needs to take place as we look to a carbon-free future?


Panel Discussion: Xcel Energy Vision for 100% Carbon-Free and the role of Nuclear

Chris Clark
President, Xcel Energy – Minnesota

Michael Noble
Executive Director, Fresh Energy

David Howell
President, Westinghouse North America

Suzanne Jaworowski
Senior Advisor, Policy & Communications, U.S. Department of Energy