ANS President’s Special Session:

Monday, June 18, 4:30-6:30 pm


Robert N. Coward
President of ANS
MPR Associates, Inc.

What Nuclear Needs

There are many challenges facing the nuclear industry. This session will discuss five topics that the nuclear community will need to focus on to ensure there is a bright future for nuclear energy with leaders in each area; 1) attracting private investment, 2) accelerating the development of advanced nuclear, 3) ensuring that nuclear is recognized as a way to fight climate change, 4) creating a diverse workforce capable of tackling tomorrows issues, and 5) building political support for nuclear energy.


Alyse M. Scurlock, P.E.
Nuclear Engineer
Duke Energy

Private Investment Panelist

Johanna Wolfson

Dr. Johanna Wolfson
PRIME Impact Fund

Advanced Nuclear Panelist

Dr. Rita Baranwal
Director of GAIN

Environmental Panelist

Armond Cohen

Armond Cohen
Executive Director
Clean Air Task Force

Political Support Panelist

David Fein

David Fein
Senior Vice President – State Governmental and Regulatory Affairs
Exelon Corporation

Diversity Panelist

Dr. Fiona Rayment
Executive Director of the Nuclear Innovation and Research Office (NIRO), a division of NNL