ANS President’s Special Session:

2030: US Global Leadership in Nuclear Energy and National Security

Tuesday, June 9, 10:00-11:30 am (EDT)

Nuclear technology provides numerous benefits to American society as a reliable, clean source of electricity. Additionally, nuclear technology strengthens national security. The ability to expand our nuclear fleet is crucial for maintaining American influence in the global nuclear industry. Educational institutions create a pipeline for people to become experts in nuclear nonproliferation, safeguards, and international treaty verification necessary for this expansion. In this session, we will look at the current influence of nuclear technology on American national security and where the country stands in leading the future global nuclear industry. Fast-forward ten years, what should U.S. nuclear interests be, and what role should the U.S. play in the worldwide development of nuclear technology while strengthening national security? The multitude of stakeholders involved in nuclear science are all working towards the improvement of the current and future status of nuclear energy, technology, and policy in the U.S. But what is this shared goal, and what path should be taken to get there?

Marilyn Kray
President, ANS


Kelley Verner
ANS Student Sections Committee Chair


Kelsey Amundson
ANS Young Members Group Secretary


Maria Korsnick
Nuclear Energy Institute


Laura S. H. Holgate, Ambassador (ret.)
Nuclear Threat Initiative


Siegfried Hecker 
Stanford University


Rita Baranwal
U.S. Department of Energy