All Energy Forum-Panel

Tuesday, June 19

Part I – 8:00-11:40 am

Part II – 3:00-4:15 pm

Sponsored by OPD andYMG
Session Organizers: Vince Gilbert (EXCEL Services Corp), Piyush Sabharwall (INL)


Vince Gilbert (EXCEL Services Corp)’ James Conca (UFA Ventures), James Hansen (Columbia University), Tom Kiernan (AWEA), Richard Meyer (AGA), David Zayas (NHA), John Kotek, (NEI), Stu Bresler (PJM), Josh Rhodes (UT Austin). Chris Gadomski (Bloomberg)

This session will provide a unique opportunity to participate in an apples-to-apples comparison of energy sources. Development of efficient and effective energy applications supported by government energy policy is a complex thing to understand for both technical professionals and members of the public. This forum will provide a “safe and level playing field” for discussion of related energy issues, by a panel of industry experts and consultants representing technologies such as fossil, hydro, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar and the investment community.  Valid comparisons and insights using a broad speaking agenda are desired with comparative metrics for R&D, licensing, construction, operations and maintenance and decommissioning development stages.  Appropriate U.S. climate policy and the resulting environmental value will also be part of invited discussions.  After initial presentations are made a second discussion will take place for questions and answers regarding governmental challenges to manage climate change policy as well as thoughts from the speakers and audience as to the most appropriate energy mix for the future.


Delivering the Nuclear Promise-Panel

Wednesday, June 20, 9:35-11:40 am

Chair: Peter Sena (President & CNO, PSEG Nuclear, LLC)

Jose Gago (CEO, ANAV President, Spanish Nuclear Society), Adam Heflin (President & CNO, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company), Ben Mayes (VP NEIL), Bill Pitesa (CNO NEI)Pierre Oneid (SVP & CNO, Holtec International)

Nuclear power in the United States is engaged in a fierce battle for its seat at the table as a prominent source of energy. To win this battle, the industry launched a coordinated plan three years ago to make nuclear power more cost competitive. Industry leaders who have led this 3-year industry initiative to improve safety and efficiency of operating nuclear plants will share their perspectives and industry’s achievements with the audience.


Recent Advances in Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants-Panel

Wednesday, June 20, 1:00-2:45 pm

Chair: Mark Morant (Atkins Global President, Energy Americas & Asia Pacific)

Carol R. Peterson (SVP, Exelon, Warrenville, Illinois), Tom Palmisano (CNO & VP, Southern California Edison), Steven Scheurich (VP, Entergy Services) Pierre Oneid (SVP/CNO Holtec International)

Safe and expeditious decommissioning of retiring nuclear power plants is important to the communities that host them and to preserve the image of nuclear plants as a good neighbor. Advances in the decommissioning technologies to fulfill the goal of expedited decommissioning will be discussed. The panelists, each an industry thought leader, will address diverse subjects related to decommissioning of shuttered plants including business transaction models, regulatory and fiscal challenges, impact of tax policy, benefits of proto-prompt decommissioning, dose mitigation, operational safety, and legacy issues.