Thursday Technical Tour


Palo Verde

Price: $65 per attendee

Time: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

Palo Verde is located on a 4,250-acre site 55 miles west of downtown Phoenix. The station is managed by APS, which has the largest share of ownership amongst the seven utilities that own Palo Verde.
Palo Verde safely and reliably provides electricity for approximately 4 million people in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.
Located in an area of low seismic activity, Palo Verde is designed to safely withstand the maximum credible earthquake for the site’s geographic location.
The robust containment dome structure is comprised of reinforced concrete/steel material that is pre-stressed and post-tensioned. It averages 4.5 feet thick, with a quarter-inch steel liner that gives it the equivalent strength of 35-foot thick non-reinforced concrete structure. The base of the concrete containment floor is 10-feet thick.
Palo Verde is the only nuclear plant in the United States that does not sit on a large body of water. Instead, it recycles more than 20-billion gallons of municipal effluent each year to meet its cooling needs. The treated water is piped to two storage reservoirs with a combined capacity of approximately one billion gallons. The reservoirs provide about 14 days storage of makeup water for the three nuclear units operating at full capacity during peak conditions in hot, summertime weather.

Wear Proper Attire and Safety Shoes with composite or steel toes, safety glasses with side shields, gloves on person, and hard hats are required in the plant and when traversing certain areas outside the plant, such as the cooling towers. We recommend composite toes for safety shoes, because steel toes will alarm the metal detectors in our Security Main Access Facility. Otherwise, steel toe footwear is acceptable. We will supply you with non-prescription standard or over-glasses safety eyewear, hard hat and other safety items as needed, such as hearing protection, sunscreen and gloves, which are required to be worn when handling materials. Wear comfortable cotton clothing appropriate for the season and desert environment. Synthetic fabrics are not recommended in radiologically controlled areas as they may attract radon gas. Please notify our staff if you have been treated with radioactive medication in the past ninety (90) days or will receive treatment prior to the trip.